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What happens to your body when you stop smoking

You can quit smoking in one hour and protect your health from the tar and toxic metals that cause caner, heart disease, stroke and many more diseases.

We have a lifetime guarantee and a 96.3% success rate! Here is more information for stop smoking hypnosis.

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    Stop smoking – don’t follow the crowd

    This is a commercial targeting English teens to stop smoking.

    Don’t follow the crowd. You can stop smoking in one hour with our advance quit smoking hypnosis program. We have a lifetime guarantee and a 96.3% success rate! Get More information here.

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      Stop Smoking Videos Make Their Point

      The videos make their point. You don’t have to struggle with the smoking habit any longer.

      Our advanced stop smoking hypnosis program can help you quit in JUST ONE HOUR, plus a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

      Call (813) 260-4402 now or visit https://www.stopsmokingfortmyers.com/florida-stop-smoking/tampa-stop-smoking  for more information.

      Bruce Townsend,    Certified Hypnotherapist

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        Funny stop smoking commercial


        Funny commercial, although the effects of cigarette smoking isn’t funny at all.  Stop smoking in one hour guaranteed with a scientifically proven success rate of 96.3% success rate! We use an advanced smoking cessation hypnosis. Visit Stop Smoking Tampa for information on advanced smoking cessation hypnosis.

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          What Smoking does to the Lungs

          Scientific studies prove that of the most effective ways to stop smoking, the most effective is using hypnosis stop smoking programs. Research has also shown that our unique hypnosis program is almost 3 times more effective than other hypnotists.

          If you need to stop smoking, visit the rest of this web site to learn how our stop smoking hypnosis program is guaranteed to help you quit smoking in one hour with a success rate of 96.3%!

          Look at the scientific proof to see for yourself.


          For more information, free screening or to book an appointment:




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          Bruce Townsend

          Certified Hypnotherapist