Quit Smoking Hypnosis Testimonials

The following testimonies are from a variety of our clients. Like you, most of them have tried several methods to stop smoking without success. They’ve tried every type of stop smoking programs to become tobacco free or smoke free; nicotine patches, Nicorette or other nicotine gum, laser therapy, acupuncture, Chantix, Zyban, group hypnosis and even other hypnotherapists. The vast majority quit smoking after just one hour with our program. See the scientific proof page that verifies our success rate at 96.3% with advance hypnosis and NLP or Neural Linguistic Programming!

Bruce Townsend, Certified Hypnotherapist

“I will be alive to see my grandson grow up and I feel fantastic about that.” Sharyn C.

“It feels good to be a non-smoker and I will be able to breathe again!” Tim S.

“I was disappointed in myself for not quitting earlier but that doesn’t matter now because I’ve quit for good.” Nancy S.

“Being a non-smoker gives me the ability to spend more time with my children.” Gustavo M.

“Today I feel great that I have chosen the road to good health and look forward to beginning my new life as a non-smoker. Today is the day for new beginnings.” Stacey A.

“I am so happy to know that cigarettes will not control my life anymore. I am proud to say that. I am now a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life.” Dawn A.

“I feel great to be a non-smoker, finally.” Nick A.

“I know that I’ll now have many more years here on earth while enjoying much better health.” Paul K.

“I know I will feel better every day. I won’t stink of cigarettes or be short of breath.” Elisabeth W.

“It feels great to be a non-smoker again and to be able to move on to a healthy, energetic, long life.” Mike H.

“I feel better I am not addicted to cigarettes and I will have a better life.” Mike W.

“I feel very good, and blessed for becoming a non-smoker.” Deborah D.

“I feel empowered to fulfill my dreams of living a fully healthy life.” Lelia G.

“I feel great about being a non-smoker and I will live a very long healthy life and see my grandchildren grow to be old. I am also very happy and will not hear people complain of the smell.” Sandra G.

“I took part in this program to add years to my life.” Dave V.

“I feel good today after this session of stop smoking. My health is going to be much better.” Luis V.

“I really like being a non-smoker from this day on.” Jeffery

“I feel great, I am improving my health.” Cary R.

“The best gift I could ever give my family, love ya Gracie, Amaris, and of course my wife, Lisa.” Jerry S.

“I feel very good and blessed to become a non smoker.” Ray S.

“I know that I can do it and can stop coughing in the morning. My taste buds have come back. Food tastes better.” Shari

“It is a very powerful and positive way to quit!” Jesse C.

“I now have control of my life. I feel this was a major positive turning point for me.” Nita

“I feel better that I have saved my life by quitting smoking today.” John P.

“I am so very exited to be free from the burden of smoking that has plagued me for years.” Thomas

” It’s wonderful to know I will never be controlled by cigarettes again–To never have to stand out in the rain or snow when visiting friends who don’t smoke!” Dave

“For a number of years I have wanted to stop smoking. Tried but failed. Today is a successful day to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life! Thanks Bruce T.” Bruce C.

“I know I am never going to hurt my children again, either by second hand smoke or early death.” Stephanie

“I feel fantastic knowing I will NEVER smoke again!” Roy

“I feel so much better for being able to be there for my whole family without cigarettes.” Mark

“I am happy to be a non-smoker-I am looking forward to feeling better and saving money.” Revonda

“It’s a great feeling that I will no longer smoke and I am very happy.” Andreus

“I feel great to be a non-smoker. It feels like I have been released from a ball and chain.” Aaron

“I’m glad I’m a non-smoker. My son will feel better. He’s always been trying to get me to stop smoking.” Gary.

“I do not feel the urge to smoke. I feel as though I had quit in the past and came here for confirmation. I had been successful at my prior failures. I am confident that indeed I do not smoke.” Elisabeth W.

“I am so glad I did this! I feel good about myself and feel the tools I learned will make me a non-smoker for the rest of my life. The mind is a powerful machine and learning to use it in a positive manner can be you’re greatest asset!” Mike H.

“I really wanted to quit smoking for many reasons. Obviously, the health risks associated with smoking were one of my major concerns. I had not tried other popular methods of quitting like “the patch”, or prescription drugs. I was also not a big fan of being put under hypnosis. I saw a flier for the Townsend’s program and decided to give it a try. I brought my wife along to make sure that I wasn’t hypnotized into doing something I didn’t want to do, and Bruce welcomed her to sit in on the session with us. I was surprised to learn that hypnosis is more of a relaxed state-of-mind, where a willing person is open to “suggestion”, as opposed to a deep trance where a hypnotist can make you do things against your will. The session only took about an hour or so and I left with a RED card that I carried around in my wallet for about 6 months.

The tips provided during the session, as well as the honest desire to quit, truly worked for me. Of course there were, and still are, times that it is difficult to not reach for a cigarette, however, it is those times that you focus on, to consciously decide not to smoke. The hypnotherapy session worked for me, and I would recommend it to others who really want to stop smoking.”    Mike S.

Marie quits a 30 year crack habit in just 2 hours with our advance hypnotherapy

“I would like to thank Bruce for helping me to quit a drug addiction that I have had for over 30 years.  He truly worked a miracle. I had no idea that quitting this life long addiction could be so quick, easy and painless.

“I had started with a drug addiction to cocaine at the early age of 18.  Within 2 years I was introduced to “free-base” or “crack” cocaine and that became my addiction for the last 30 years.

“I had dealt drugs to feed my habit and had been through many horrible experiences that should have made anyone want to quit using drugs. I spent a year in jail, two years on house arrest and an then another year at drug treatment program and a half-way house. I went to every conceivable meeting for drug addiction but I was still having cravings that I couldn’t seem to control.  Nothing was working for me. I tried moving to another city but that didn’t work either since I still found myself getting angry and anxious when I knew I couldn’t get my drugs. I felt that I was sentenced to a life of addiction. I felt depressed and hopeless with no chance of ever being free again.

“I am excited to say that after my very first session (he also gave me 2 more free sessions) with Bruce I have experienced no desire whatsoever to use “crack” again.  The thought just never enters my mind and if I don’t have the thought, I simply don’t “use”. I am a non-user as Bruce suggested in our hypnosis session.

“If I had only known that it could be so easy and painless to rid myself of this life destroying addiction, I would have done this years ago. I am forever grateful to Bruce for helping me to turn my life around and be the person I have always wanted to be.

“I know to anyone who may be reading this that it might seem to be too “miraculous” but after all the years of suffering I had been through, it has been a true miracle to me.

“I encourage anyone who has any type of addiction and truly wants to be free from it, to contact Bruce and let him help you to become free again too.

“I have complete confidence in his abilities and wouldn’t hesitate to call him again should I feel the need for his help in the future.

“In deep appreciation,

“Marie S.


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