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Still more e-cigarette health risks

FLAVORED E-CIGARETTES CAN HARM YOUR AIRWAYS After many campaigns of awareness against the harm tobacco can do to your health causing among many other problems, even lung cancer, many people tried to find healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Quitting … Continue reading

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E-cigarettes worse than advertised

Diacetyl is an artificial flavor that’s most well known for adding a buttery taste to microwave popcorn. Its been linked to respiratory damage, including inflammation and permanent scarring of the airways, dubbed “popcorn lung,” in workers at a microwave popcorn … Continue reading

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E-cigarette manufacturers accused of targeting teens

The U.S. government is criticizing electronic cigarette manufacturers for targeting teens. Companies spent $115 million to advertise e-cigarettes in 2014. (Photo: Getty Images) E-cigarette advertisements are responsible for millions of U.S. children and teens using the nicotine-delivering devices, according to … Continue reading

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