Benefits to Stop Smoking

20 min.
Pulse & blood pressure return to normal.

8 hours
Nicotine & carbon dioxide levels go down 50%

24 hours
Mucus and smoking debris in lungs begins to clear.

2 days
Taste and smell are noticeably improved.

3 days
Breathing is easier as bronchial tubes relax.

2 weeks
Circulation and skin color improve due to better oxygenation of the blood.

3-9 months
Coughing becomes less; lung function is improved by 10%.

1 year
Call your life and health insurance companies for lower rates! You’re officially a nonsmoker after one year.

5 years
Your risk of a heart attack falls to half that of a smoker.

10 years
Your risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. Your risk of a heart attack is the same as a nonsmoker.

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