Why Stop Smoking Hypnosis Makes It Easy to Quit Smoking

NLP is a cutting edge tool used to model excellence in others quickly and easily. It has now been used by the world’s best Coaches for more than 20 years to activate transformation in others. It has been used successfully by the US and Other Governments, top Fortune 500 companies, Olympic Athletes, Grammy winning Musicians, Oscar winning Actors and virtually by everyone who is a master at what they do!

Hypnotherapy is one of the most urban mythologized and yet most powerful therapeutic tools in use today. The American Medical Association has recognized the effects of hypnosis for over 50 years (since 1955). Hypnosis is a proven technology widely used in medicine, dentistry, professional sports, and education.


  • You cannot be made to do something you don’t want to do-period. Don’t believe the myths you hear about hypnosis. They simply are not true.
  • It is safe. While in hypnosis you see, hear, and feel everything that is going on around you. In fact, you are more aware.
  • Everyone is “hypnotizable”. Virtually everyone with a moderate intelligence (no severe mental illness or developmental disability) can be hypnotized. In fact, the smarter you are the easier it is.
  • Hypnosis works because it communicates directly with the unconscious mind by by-passing the critical mind. The critical mind is what gets in the way and why you don’t stop even though you know it’s expensive, horrible for your health, and repels others.
  • When given a set of choices, your unconscious mind will ALWAYS choose the BEST choice available to it at that time. So we won’t take anything away- just help your unconscious realize that this habit is life-threatening and we’ll give another choice that is healthy.
  • You are always in control of your mind, not the hypnotist.
  • Hypnosis is not witchcraft or satanic. This is a myth explained by numbers 1 and 6 above.
  • You remember and are aware of what takes place in the session. You do not become unconscious or go to sleep.

It’s important to understand what Hypnosis is, how it works and to know when you have had the experience. That is why we will make sure you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY you’ve been hypnotized. You will see for yourself and be confident in our expertise to help you quit smoking.

Now…..Apply a cutting edge technology like NLP to the world’s best Hypnotherapy techniques for smoking cessation and what do you have?

A distilled and refined process that combines the very best of both technologies to deliver you amazing results quickly-without any cravings, grumpiness, feeling you’re missing out, withdrawals, or anything else.

In fact-you will leave our office a confident, happy, and comfortable non-smoker in just 1 session. And that is permanent. No patches, no pills, no machines, no gadgets or gimmicks. You simply sit back and relax. Then walk out the door a non-smoker.


Myth #1 People like to smokePeople like to smoke

FACT—7 out of 10 people WANT TO QUIT. They would only do it if they just knew how. In fact, most people who smoke have already tried to quit countless times and failed on their own.

 Myth #2 Smoking is relaxing

FACT—Have you ever taken a good look at a chain smoker? Do you know anyone who chain smokes and is really relaxed? The fact is, if smoking was relaxing then the more you smoked the more relaxed you’d be. So chain smokers would be the most relaxed people….Just NOT TRUE.

 Myth #3 Cigarette smoking is addictive

FACT—Recently a jazz musician died of lung cancer from the massive amount of smoke inhaled while playing saxophone- yet he never smoked. He had inhaled enough to kill himself but never got addicted. How is that? Fact is: It’s not addictive- IT IS A HABIT

 Myth #4 Quitting will be painful and difficult

FACT—It is possible to quit with ZERO withdrawals or cravings in 1 session. Why? Because it’s not addictive contrary to popular belief. Most people like to compare quitting smoking to quitting something like heroin because they believe it’s so addictive. Well, the truth is it’s not. If you quit heroin, because it’s physically addictive you would go through sweats, shakes, vomiting, nausea, and possibly death. Yet when smokers quit-they are grumpy-Think about it.

 Myth #5 It is too expensive – I can’t afford to quit

FACT—The average smoker smokes 2 packs a day. That’s about $9.00 daily, $180.00 per month, $1080.00 every 6 months, and $2160.00 per year. Bottom line-It’s too expensive NOT to QUIT!!

 I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

It’s okay to be skeptical—that’s a natural response to many things—especially something as important as this.

 That’s why I’ve eliminated all the skepticism, doubt, uncertainty I possibly can with this……

Service Guarantee

If for ANY reason you start smoking again, it doesn’t matter if it’s two days later or two years later, we will give you back up sessions at no extra charge until you are smoke free again.

 Our goal is to help you become a non-smoker for life, and we mean it. That is how confident we are that this process works and it will work for you.

If you want to quit, follow the simple instructions when you are in our office—the odds are greatly in your favor (96.3% success rate!) you will walk out a non-smoker for the rest of your life. That’s a good deal!

Let’s face it—with a guarantee like this you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain, your life!

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