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My name is Bruce Townsend. I am a certified hypnotherapist and owner of Professional Quit Smoking Center, the premier source in helping people in quit smoking and stop addictions such as alcohol abuse or drug addiction in Florida. Our program of quit smoking hypnosis in Tampa Florida has a lifetime guarantee!

Hypnosis really makes it easy. Our stop smoking hypnosis program has a scientifically proven success rate of 96.3%!

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Comparison of smoking cessation methods

The following compares the various ways to stop smoking according to scientific studies:

E-cigarettes – well you really didn’t stop smoking, just stop smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals including nicotine and are being banned by many communities in the same way as they have banned tobacco. E-cigarettes are not safe but in fact, can seriously harm your health.

Laser stop smoking 3-5%

Acupuncture stop smoking 5%

Cold turkey stop smoking 5%

Nicotine patches and gum 5-10%

Smoking cessation drugs (such as Chantix) 18-20%

Hypnosis stop smoking (in general most hypnotists will be between 20 to 30% success rate) 36%

My advanced quit smoking program with NLP is a scientifically proven success rate of 96.3%!

You can read the scientific research for yourself by clicking here.

The best way to quit smoking conclusively is advanced hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) combined such as our program.

My success rate proves that this is not only the best stop smoking hypnosis program, but it is the best way to stop smoking period. I use a very special program of advanced hypnosis and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, to help my clients stop smoking. I back it up with a powerful guarantee.

My program was developed in England 20 years ago. For 10 years, a mastermind group of top hypnotherapists experimented with every technique that they could find for helping people quit smoking. They threw out the mediocre techniques and kept the most effective advanced methods of hypnosis and neuro-linguisitic programing. They kept refining the program to make it the most effective program in the world. Stop smoking in one hour!

Our program is not only safe but also the most effective. We have a scientifically proven success rate of 96.3% with a lifetime guarantee!

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Now you can learn about the effectiveness of our advanced hypnosis program. This download will show you how natural hypnosis works (scientists say that we all typically go into hypnosis several times per day), discover the answers to hypnosis myths and how this program is the most effective way to stop smoking. Email your request by using the address below and place “Free Hypnosis MP3″ in the subject line.

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