Quitting Smoking in 90 minutes with the Best Hypnosis in Elmont, New York, NY 11003

The Quitting Smoking in 90 minutes with the Best Hypnosis Program in Elmont, New York, NY 11003 is now available.

This program is scientifically proven to have a rate of success at 97%! Nothing else comes close.

Cold turkey is only 5% success, nicotine patch 10%, medications 18% and even other hypnotherapists will have only a 20% to 35% success rate. At best that means only one out of three people can with hypnosis with other hypnotists.

Do you really want to take a gamble on your life or your health? With these other methods it\’s like going to the casino and hoping that you can hit it lucky on the slots so that you can buy groceries this week. You really don\’t want to gamble when it comes to your life.

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Lifetime Guarantee for Stop Smoking Hypnosis!

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Stop smoking hypnosis

Commonly asked questions

Can I be hypnotized?

In 16 years of helping hundreds of people quit smoking, I\’ve never had one single client ever fail to go into hypnosis. Anybody of average intelligence and above can be hypnotized. If you went to sleep last night without a drug, then you can be hypnotized. The drifting stage between being awake and going to sleep is a Theta brain wave which is where hypnosis takes place.

How many sessions will I need?

Just one. Most hypnotists need three sessions to get their very low rate of success because their programs just don\’t work very well. With my program you will stop smoking in just one session so there\’s no need for additional sessions.

What about withdrawal symptoms?

Most of my clients have no withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms happen when people struggle with a method that doesn’t work.

Will I gain weight?

My clients typically do not gain weight because they are not stressed about quitting, plus, I have strategies that help with not only stress but also to prevent weight gain that are shared during this session.

Is it hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is totally safe. You\’re always aware and in control of yourself at every moment and you can stop the session at any time you like.  Of course, people don\’t stop because they\’re receiving the benefit of stop smoking.

Hypnosis is not sleep and you are not unconscious. You cannot get stuck in a state of hypnosis. No one can force you or manipulate you with hypnosis to do something against your will.

If you didn’t want to stop smoking, no hypnotist in the world could force you with hypnosis against your will. Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association as far back as 1958 as a safe and effective form of therapy. Hypnosis is safe, relaxing and you will enjoy the experience.

You can stop smoking without any withdrawal symptoms. I’ve helped hundreds of people stop smoking successfully, so I probably have a pretty good idea of how you feel. Frustrated would be an understatement.

You already know how bad it is for your health. It’s a major cause of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, stroke, and many other major diseases. Yet, you want to quit and haven’t been able. Now is the time to stop smoking forever.

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