$10 Million to University of Wisconsin for Smoking Study

The University of Wisconsin has been awarded a $10 million federal grant to continue a comprehensive study helping smokers quit and to assess how quitting affects their health, lifestyle and well-being.

While research has established that smoking is dangerous, less is known about how quitting affects health vs. continuing to smoke.

The study will recruit 600 to 800 adult smokers in the Milwaukee and Madison areas and give those selected for the study free coaching and medications to help them quit.

It will offer participants potentially lifesaving tests – including artery scans that can signal impending risk of a stroke or heart attack – at one- to three-year intervals throughout the study, free of charge, to assess their health over time. That’s literally thousands of dollars in benefits.

The new study recruits will join several hundred patients from the original Wisconsin Smokers’ Health Study launched in 2005, allowing researchers to collect health data spanning several years. Everyone from the previous study – whether they are now smoking or not – will be invited to continue in the next phase of the study, bringing the total number of participants to roughly 1,500.

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