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Lose Weight without Dieting!

Lose weight permanently! Diets don’t work! Get off the dieting roller coaster. Instead, change your relationship with food by changing your emotions and thoughts, without deprivation! Enjoy eating more than before, with more satisfaction, no deprivation and eating healthy. The program will also help to increase your metabolism.

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Addictions (Alcohol or Drug Abuse)

Gain the power to become alcohol or drug free. Maybe you’ve become disillusioned with AA or “12 Step Recovery” (which have a success rate of only 10%). You can find the power to break mental limitations that bind you to alcohol or drugs. Affirming that you are an alcoholic or a drug abuser, even when you are no longer drinking or abusing, only weakens you. It creates an unconscious craving for alcohol or drugs, and a thought obsession for it. Change your unconscious belief regarding alcohol/drugs and you’ll eliminate the desire. Although the concepts are different than AA, you could use our program to support the work done in AA or therapy.

Anger Control

Break free from negative emotions and lack of control. Convert anger to power, clear thinking and patience.


Migraine or common headaches can benefit from hypnosis, releasing the pain and tension.

Nail Biting or Hair Pulling

Stop the unhealthy habit of nail biting. Return your hands to a healthy, good looking condition. Program can also be used to stop hair pulling.

Pain Control

Manage chronic pain with powerful hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis has been used for centuries for pain control, including dental work and surgery.

Phobia Busters

Get free of any phobia or fear in 5 minutes! It doesn’t matter how long you had the phobia. Get free without drugs or months of counseling! Melt away phobias or fears of snakes, spiders, heights, water, panic attacks, public speaking, rejection, confrontation, failure, flying, elevators, bridges, dental, exams, social, needles, driving, success, dark, claustrophobia, performance, animals, authority, change and many more!


Many people recognize that procrastination is the single biggest obstacle to attaining success. Like all habits, procrastination is the result of how the unconscious mind is “wired”. Hypnosis can help you easily change your mind and thereby stop procrastination.

Sales Skills Booster

Top producing sales people think differently than struggling sales people. They master their emotions resulting in higher sales. Move into “The Zone” when selling. This program will help boost your sales confidence, master your emotions, overcome fear of failure, increase your sales confidence and thereby assist in establishing rapport with your prospects and clients.

Stress Relief

Health experts say that 85% of all disease is related to stress. Chronic stress negatively impacts our relationships, energy, mental acuity and memory, causes pains in the body, plus many other negative consequences.


New Services Soon Coming!


Back Pain

Bruxism (grinding teeth)

Dental Bliss

Financial Abundance

Golf Mastery

Joint Pain

Muscle Building

Panic Attacks

Sports Hypnosis

Free Hypnosis Downloads

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Now you can learn about the effectiveness of our advanced hypnosis program and actually experience it in the comfort of your own home. Once you discover how natural and relaxing hypnosis is, then give us a call to stop smoking. Type your name and email address in the form above and I will email the download link immediately.

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